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Window Installation and Repair Services for All Home Types

Window installation and repair is a critical service for all homes. We at Pinos Glass provide an extensive range of services, including emergency glass replacement and window construction. Our team is experienced in various types of home design, which means we can create the perfect windows to suit your needs!

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Window Repair

Pinos Glass is your go-to company for window repair in White Plains, NY

Whether you need emergency glass replacement or want to have a new set of windows installed on the exterior or interior of your home, we’re ready and able to help! We offer cost-effective solutions that are suitable for all types of homes.

When repairing your windows, you can count on Pinos Glass to offer the most reliable and thorough solution.

We guarantee a quality installation, backed by an extensive warranty that’s fully inclusive!

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Double Hung Window Installation

If you feel that your home is looking a little dated, it may be time to consider installing new windows. Double-hung are the most common type of window in use today and can offer many benefits! One way they can help improve your home is by lowering heating bills – this saves you money on energy costs!

Aesthetically, double-hung windows are also very attractive. They’re simple and clean, with a fold-down pane that can be opened for fresh air anytime you need it!

Bay Window Installation

Bay windows can be a great addition to any home, providing extra space for storage and relaxation. But installing bay windows requires more advanced skills than regular double-hung window installation!

If you are considering adding new bay windows to your house, it’s important that you hire the right professionals to do this work for you. The company we recommend for all your window installation needs is Pinos Glass! That’s why we recommend using us at Pinos glass for your bay window installation needs.

Casement Window Installation

Casement windows are a great choice for anyone looking to make the most of their space.

A casement window can be opened like a door, and when it’s closed it will fit snugly into its sash frame without projecting out from the wall. With this design, there is no sill or threshold at which water runs off from rain or melting snow, so you’ll be able to open your window even if it snows.

If you are considering adding new casement windows to your home, we recommend using Pinos Glass for all of your casement window needs!

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Picture Window Installation

Picture windows are a great way to enjoy the view.

A picture window will allow you to have an unobstructed, direct line of sight from one room or area in your home with another. This can be especially useful if you are looking for uninterrupted views without having to go outside!

Pinos Glass offers expert installation services and is proud to offer discounts to homeowners in the White Plains, NY area.

Sliding Window Installation

Sliding windows are a popular option in many homes.

The sliding window allows you to enjoy the view of your outdoors, without taking up any space inside or out. Our experts at Pinos Glass can install and repair all types of sliders for homeowners around White Plains, NY!

Impact Resistant Window Installation

Having an impact-resistant window installed in your White Plains, NY home can make a huge difference. Impact resistance windows help protect against burglary and break-ins by deterring criminals with the thickness of the glass and strength of the frame!

Hurricane Window Installation

Protect your loved ones by installing a hurricane window in the White Plains, NY area! A hurricane window is resistant to high wind speeds and helps prevent catastrophic damage from hurricanes. These windows are extremely durable with double-pane glass that can withstand pressure up to 400 pounds per square inch.

Storm Window Installation

Secure a storm window in your White Plains, NY home to reduce the chance of water damage. These windows are perfect for securing against hail and wind-driven rain while still allowing air to circulate through them!

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